Our Officers

Name: Taelor Duckworth
Position: President
Contact Email: taelor.kd@gmail.com
Hometown: Whitewright, TX
Major: Journalism-Public Relations
Bio: I'm currently a writer for the Marketing Communications Department on campus, & I hope to one day do PR for professional sports teams or athletes. I love to spend time with my sisters and promote KD!
Name: Caitlin Cepak
Position: Vice President-Member Education
Contact Email: ccepak10@gmail.com
Hometown: Terrell, TX
Major: Elementary Education
Name: Karley Walker
Position: Vice President-Membership
Contact Email: kwalker14@leomail.tamuc.edu
Hometown: New Boston, Texas
Major: Psychology
Bio: I'm from a very small town in East Texas. I grew up riding horses, hunting, and fishing, all of which I still enjoy today. I also like to dance, play sports, and spend time with my beautiful sisters!
Name: Courtnie Woodruff
Position: Vice President-Operations
Contact Email: cwoodruff@leomail.tamuc.edu
Hometown: Wolfe City, TX
Major: Psychology, minor in Counseling
Name: Tawny Hanna
Position: Vice President-Community Service
Contact Email: thanna1@leomail.tamuc.edu
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Major: Animal Science Pre-Vet
Bio: I'm a member of the A&M-Commerce track team, Women's Ag Society & CFFA. I love being VP-CS, & hope to become & exotics veterinarian, specifically big cats, or go into the genetics division!
Name: Kaitlyn Jones
Position: Vice President-Public Relations
Contact Email: kaitlynjones_3@yahoo.com
Hometown: Bonham, TX
Major: Nursing
Name: Rho Gamma
Position: Vice President-Standards
Contact Email:
Bio: Our VP-S is currently serving as a Rho Gamma for the 2014 formal recruitment.
Name: Julia Gessner
Position: Treasurer
Contact Email: jgessner@leomail.tamuc.edu
Hometown: Allen, TX
Major: Psychology
Name: Bethany Davidson
Position: Secretary
Contact Email: bethanydavidson1@yahoo.com
Hometown: Tom Bean, TX
Major: Industrial Engineering